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Cyber Patcher is a free injector app with a simple UI. Its dark mode is suitable for the users. Besides it, you don’t see irritating ads during its use. It is an unofficial app and has no connections with the Mobile Legends. However, it is freely available for all and safe to use. In short, it is one of the time & money-saving tools for gamers who don’t consider it a legal action.
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Cyber Plays Official
June 14, 2021
5.0 and up
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If you want to improve the gameplay of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, it’s a simple procedure. This is due to the fact that there are numerous modding tools available for this game. This time, you can use the most recent version of Cyber Patcher, which was made by Cyber Plays. It also successfully unlocks for free the new and old ML skins, as well as the analogue, spawning, recall, elimination, emotes, and other features. so now we can compare it with the Death Patcher, another fab Android injector app for MLBB. You can get them both right now.

Because dedicated gamer never lose up, they eventually figure out how to gain premium stuff for a game by using shortcuts. However, ML gaming equipment necessitates a significant financial investment in the form of diamonds. Our website, on the other hand, presents you to some of the free and secure methods.As a result, even inexperienced gamer are able to compete in difficult competitions. Check out this programme if you want to customize your ML game play without spending any money. It is the work of a reputable developer that has already accomplished great things in this area.

Features of Cyber Patcher:

It undeniably improves numerous aspects of the MLBB game. And you’re automatically included to the list of professional players.

ML Skins

It offers free costumes for the heroes of all role categories. Collectively, you avail 100s of outfits to change the appearance of many ML characters as follows.

  • 24+ heroes of Mage
  • 24+ heroes of Fighter
  • 17+ heroes of Marksman
  • 12+ heroes of Assassin
  • 6+ heroes of Support
  • 16+ heroes of Tank

Anime Skins

Similarly, you have 12+ options in this section to decorate your favorite avatars in a simple way.


Moreover, 20+ ML analogs are attainable at the moment.


MCL, EVOS, MSC, etc., are prominent spawn animations among the 12.


More importantly, 35+ recall effects will also entertain you in the game.


Likewise, the 12 elimination effect facilitates you just like other battle effects.


Almost 37 battle emotes are enough for the ML fans to show off in the game.

Drone View

You can enhance the battlefield view using a drone camera of 5 different ranges, i.e., x2 to x7.


ML BGs are not available so far. But we expect that the developer will add it in the upcoming edition.

How to install & use Cyber Patcher APK?

  1. First and foremost, save the most recent and exact file from the provided URL.
  2. Then, just like any other third-party programme, instal it.
  3. Finally, after a few simple steps, activate the app.
  4. After that, you must upload a profile photo, create a username, and then click Sign up.
  5. You will be able to access the app in this manner.
  6. In addition, the developer asks that you subscribe to his YouTube channel. It’s entirely up to you.
  7. So, select your essential things from the menu and inject them into the game as soon as possible.
  8. You’ve completed all of the steps and are now ready to start the game.


Cyber Patcher is a free injector programme with a straightforward user interface. Its dark mode is appropriate for users. Aside from that, you won’t notice any annoying advertisements while using it. It’s an unofficial app with no ties to the Mobile Legends franchise. It is, however, open to everybody and is completely safe to use. In a nutshell, it is a time and money-saving tool for players who do not believe it to be a legal action.

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