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Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a great game to enjoy, whether you're playing solo or with friends and The benefits of this app are countless.
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Death TV
January 15, 2021
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Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a great game to enjoy, whether you’re playing solo or with friends. Some awesome gameplay mechanics and top-notch character customization are in the title. What’s cool about the game is that it supports updated third-party custom software. Death TV Injector is yet another excellent skin and hero costume injection option for Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

In terms of the user interface. The mod has been completely revamped and provides some of the best features in the given genre. And including new skin effects, recall, and more. Without having a ban, it provides one of the best ways to use your favorite skin.

All you have to do is pick the skin of your favorite hero and you’re all set for battlefield style.What’s nice about these tools is that they’re not really a file based on a script that’s going to hurt your smartphone.

What the Death TV injector does is that it just clashes in real-time with the game files that modify the skin variation. There are no haptic amounts or coins or gems, there is no custom overlay, everything is legal and limited.

Following precautionary steps, however, is still a healthy habit. When you’re injecting a custom file, you can use a VPN function. Your identity will be anonymous using this approach and your account ID will not be identified by the game algorithm. For Android users, the Death TV Injector is free to download.

Features of Death TV Injector:

  • Skin Unlocker: All your favorite hero skins and costumes are unlocked.
  • Recall Effects: Special recall effects are available for every hero.
  • Easy to use: Just select your favorite character and download/inject the skin code.
  • No Ban: By using a VPN associated with this, you will not receive a ban.
  • Free: Every feature available in Death TV Infector is free.
  • Updated Files: Death TV instantly updates the file as soon as new items arrive
  • Permanent Skin: These are permanent skins that won’t fade away once you close the game
  • Weekly Giveaway: The developer of the app conduct weekly giveaway for selected skins
  • One-Click install: Just download and install, it’s that simple

How to download the APK file?

The APK file of the new version is not available in the Google Play Store or its alternatives, such as Play Store Pro and Mobpark. For many reasons. we’re still bringing something positive to our fans. And that’s why we brought the latest APK file from the above app. Which you can download totally free on a smartphone.

How to use Death TV Injector?

  1. The APK of the application is initially downloaded.
  2. When finished, it is installed and permissions are allowed.
  3. Choose the position you want to use after that.
  4. Pick the skin hero now, and wait until the download is complete.
  5. Just open the Bang Bang Mobile Legend game, then.
  6. In any game mode, you can try Injected Skins.


The benefits of using this app are unlimited if you are do and die fan of Mobile Legend Bang Bang. So, download the Death Injector APK file to reach the gameplay on the advanced level.

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