What happens to the androids when cell absorbs them?

Cell will bring the sucker down on the person, and the sucker will swallow them through Cell’s tail into his body. This is a horrifying experience for the victim as when he absorbed the androids, they can be heard screaming in muffled voices, begging for Cell to let them out.

What if Cell absorbed more androids?

If he absorbs all those androids, Cell will receive a considerable boost of power, but no changes in his body like when absorbed 17 and 18. Cell was only design to absorbed 17 and 18, otherwise he would of absorbed 16 during the cell games instead of crushing his head.

What would have happened if Cell absorbs Android 16?

So basically, nothing would happen if Cell absorbed 16(because he tried). But if Cell could absorb 16, then he’d likely become too strong for Super Saiyan 2 Gohan to defeat, and kill all the Z-Fighters before destroying Earth.

What if Cell absorbed Cell?

Well, if cell absorbed buu, cell would be about 20 times more powerful than his normal complete form. However, if buu absorbed cell, buu would be able to do all of the things that cell was able to do, but only rising in power about 4 to 5 times. When cell absorbs things, he only gets more power, not special abilities.

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What happens when a Cell absorbs Android 18 first?

The androids are more like keys, he had those forms in him the entire time he just cant open them until he absorbs those androids. If he absorbed android 18 first he would loom and act the same.

What would happen if Cell absorbed 21?

Meaning Cell would end up dying in a explosion with more power than his own self-detonation therefore killing him like his own self-destruct almost did had he not barely survived.

What happens if Cell absorbed 18 first?

Nothing would change. Cell was designed to absorb the Androids, and #17 just happened to be the closest and the one who actually confronted him. Both of them are components towards reaching his Perfect form, therefore both of them are merely interchangeable pieces of a puzzle to him.

What happens if Buu absorbed shenron?

If he absorbed shenron, I don’t think he would be that powerful, but he may gain the ability to grant a person’s wishes. Buu could make an attempt, but eventually they would all break out assuming Buu even got the chance to do so. for example super buu absorbed gotenks in ssj3 who is about his level.

Does Cell absorb Piccolo?

Piccolo battles Cell Piccolo’s strength is clear in this fight, he completely dominates the creature but is stunned with surprise when it shoots a Kamehameha wave at him. Distracted, Piccolo’s arm is absorbed into a sagging mound of flesh, and he admits defeat while asking it who it is and how it made it here.

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What happens if semi perfect Cell absorbed Vegeta?

If cell had tried absorbing Vegeta like he did 18, he would find himself torn in two.

What happens if a Cell absorbed Majin Buu?

Cell wouldn’t be able to absorb Buu, Buu is too strong, but if he somehow managed, Cell would still be lower in power than if Buu absorbed Cell. However, Cell has more potential than Buu, since he can infinitely grow stronger. He can just fatally wound himself, regenerate and repeat.

Does Cell absorb Goku?

Goku goes into Hell himself to solve the situation where he’s intercepted by Frieza and Cell of all people. Cell even manages to absorb Goku into his tail, but the Saiyan is strong enough at this point to break free without much effort. Cell’s seen better days.

Can Buu absorbed Beerus?

Yes Buu can absorb them if he somehow was able to sneak up on them and for some reason they couldn’t fight back then yes.

What if cell absorbed 16?

16 is an Android made from nothing but parts, unlike 17 and 18 who are Androids make from part humans. Cell is able to absorb humans to get their energy, he would be unable to absorb 16. Otherwise Cell could just absorb cars and stuff.

How did cell become perfect without 18?

Cell is designed to evolve into the “perfect” being by absorbing two Androids, #17 and #18. … Cell quickly dispatches #16, but he is unable to absorb #18 thanks to the intervention of Tenshinhan, who holds him back at the cost of his own life force before being rescued by Goku, along with a surviving Piccolo.

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How did Android 18 come back to life?

Krillin wanted to use it to help Android 17 and 18 go back to how their lives were before they were turned into Androids. Krillin asked Shenron to turn 17 and 18 back into humans, a gesture that caught the attention of 18 herself.