Best answer: How do I clear my document history in Windows 7?

To delete, you can either right-click on Recent Items from the start menu and select Clear recent items list or you can empty the folder from inside Windows Explorer.

How do I clear my recent documents list?

Clear the list of recently used files

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Recent.
  3. Right click a file in the list and select Clear unpinned items.
  4. Click Yes to clear the list.

How do I clear Windows document history?

In File Explorer, click the “File” menu and then choose the “Change folder and search options” command. On the General tab of the Folder Options dialog, click the “Clear” button to immediately clear your File Explorer history. You’re given no confirmation dialog or anything; the history is cleared immediately.

Can you delete document history?

When there are many changes or a document is very old, those versions may be combined within version history but they won’t disappear or be removed. The only way to remove version history is to make a copy of the document or sheet.

How do I clear the Document menu?

How to clear the contents in the “Documents” menu in Windows 98(SE).

  1. Click the “Start” button and then click “Settings” – “Taskbar & Start Menu”.
  2. Click the “Start Menu Programs” tab in “Taskbar Properties”.
  3. Click the “Clear” button in the “Document Menu” box.
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How do I clear my word history?

Click File > Cases & Documents. The list of previous versions is displayed and the Delete all previous versions button is enabled in the Manage Versions section. Click the Delete all previous versions button. All previous versions of this document are deleted.

How do I remove recent Documents from word?

You can disable recent documents if you want. Select File from within a document and then Options.

Clear Recent Documents in Microsoft Word

  1. Open Word and select File.
  2. Select Open from the left menu.
  3. Right click a document from the center pane and select Clear unpinned Documents.
  4. Confirm removal.

How do you delete Documents on Microsoft Word?

Delete a file while in an Office program

Locate the file that you want to delete. Right-click the file, then click Delete on the shortcut menu. Tip: You can also select more than one file to be deleted at the same time. Press and hold the CTRL key as you select multiple files to delete.

Can I delete file history folder?

Every time any of your personal files has changed, its copy will be stored on a dedicated, external storage device selected by you. Over time, File History builds a complete history of changes made to any personal file. However, it is a personal choice to delete it.

What happens when you clear File Explorer history?

When you clear File Explorer’s history, it clears File Explorer’s jump list history (both taskbar and Start menu), File Explorer address bar history, Quick Access history, and Run command box history.

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Can I delete user file history in Disk Cleanup?

For the most part, the items in Disk Cleanup are safe to delete. But, if your computer isn’t running properly, deleting some of these things may prevent you from uninstalling updates, rolling back your operating system, or just troubleshooting a problem, so they’re handy to keep around if you have the space.

Can viewers see version history?

Version history goes back to the beginning of the document. If a client has edit permission, they can access version history. If you want to delete version history so they don’t see it, make a copy of the sheet.